Wednesday, October 28, 2009

O.U.C.H 2009

If you've heard of O.U.C.H, you'll know how ridiculously exciting this dance competition is becoming!!
O.U.C.H stands for Ontario University Competition for Hip Hop, which showcases university hip hop teams from all over Ontario. I'm a little bias, but McMaster's University's team is so incredibly talented and entertaining! They hold try outs every year, so they hand pick the best of the best!
Since we won last year, and the year before, and...I've lost count... we have the privilege of once again hosting this event! This hip-hop competition started off really small and I think it's starting to gain some momentum. It just keeps getting better year after year! I'm so pumped for it! :) It's like Americas Best Dance Crew....well...not exactly...but close enough !

Date: November 21, 2009
Where: McMaster University-Hamilton
Time: 7:00

Definitely Come to Steel City, you won't be disappointed! This is probably one of my favorite events of the school year!

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