Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm such a huge fan of Ellen! I mean..who isn't! I'm not graduating this year but I really took what she said to heart. There are millions of people in the same situation even if they aren't a graduate. She just says what's real in a very simple, humorous and witty manner. People of all race, culture, sex and so on can relate to her and understand her. I got a good chuckle out of it and I'm sure you will too!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It has been declared the Sri Lanka Civil War has ended

So in my last post about the Sri Lankan civil war I ended off saying that it would probably take another couple years for this present issue to reach it's end. Well I was wrong. Just a couple days go the Civil War has ended after 26 years. The rebel leader of the Tamil Tigers has been bumped off. The Sri Lankan government has a strong hold of the area that once used to be occupied by the Tigers. However, this change in events does not say that another Tamil Separatist organization will rise again against the Sri Lankan government.. After all theyre still protesting off in Queens Park.

This is so Crazy!

So Nice to See a female beat boxer doing her thing :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

To All The Hipsters

If you rocking some fly sneakers and some tight jeans this dance is for you! Warning: it is a lot harder than it looks :P

Friday, May 15, 2009

Off to Italy

I recently booked a round trip air fare to ROME!! In my mind, it was a goal of mine for the summer. I literally walked passed the travel agency, did a double take, inquired about airfare and when the price was right I pulled out my Visa and SWIPE!! I'll be leaving the end of June and I'll be staying for almost three weeks! It's a long time but it was the only flight I could get which was inexpensive. My airfare budget was less than $1000. And I was lucky to find one for $800 and then I also bought travel insurance for $50. I love to travel and this is one of the first times I'll get to travel by myself in a foreign country. In the past I have travelled with my parents, school mates and friends. But this time it'll be me on my own, living in Italy for three weeks with relatives. I'm so grateful that I don't need to stay at a hotel. It would have cost me so much money and this way, I can save money on meals and hopefully learn the language a little bit. My relatives who I am staying with, do not speak English well, so hopefully while I am there I can help them improve and they can teach me a little Italian. Who knows maybe I'll come back again and teach English ;)

Italy has many ancient sites, great monuments and breathtaking and magnificent architecture. Traveling to a different country is such an amazing opportunity, and I truly want to experience the historical sites of the world. For example: Rome is home to St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican City and ancient catacombs of Rome. Due to my love for culture and politics, it would be a great opportunity to experience and marvel at a place where many philosophers, writers and politicians openly expressed great ideas, which are still discussed and debated in our modern society. In addition, I'm hoping to visit Naples, Pompeii and most importantly the Island of Capri for some r and r. If anyone has any suggestions about my upcoming travel let me know ;) I think the most important thing for me right now is to resist the temptation of buying things and save in order for me to spend money in Italy :)

Have you met Hazel McCallion?

Hunger and Poverty brought to you by Globalization

All for a good protest!

So I know I'm offering my opinion on this contested issue a little too late but better now than never right? I'm exercising my freedom of speech. So as many of you know, the historical civil war in Sri Lanka is a particular issue which has been gaining alot of buzz due to the increase of protest world wide, not just in Toronto but in London as well. However, in London supporters of the Tamil Tigers who are waving the flag are arrested because the Tamil Tigers is recognized as a Terrorist Organization. Basically the civil war involves the Sri Lankan majority and the Tamil minority. The group that represents the minority of people is the The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE or Tamil Tigers) who are fighting for a seperate state. Since the 1980's this militant organization or to many western countries, a terrorist organization, has been able to attract many Tamil supporters who have been disenchanted with the ruling system and have come together in order to fight for self-determination and freedom of their culture. However, their motives and ways in achieving their goals have not always been peaceful. As mentioned, they are a military organization and will use any force necessary in order to recapture their culture and land and what ever agenda they hope to accomplish. Toronto, has a very large Tamil diaspora and it is obvious they would turn to their host country in order for the government to take action. Through the medium of protest, they are trying to draw attention to the genocide that is going on in Sri Lanka. Their hope is to call for foreign government to help arrange a cease fire between the Sri Lankan government troops and the Tamil Tigers.

I'm all for a good protest. I've never been to one, probably because I've never been passionate about a particular cause. But it looks exciting and liberating. Its a chance to shake up social order, take a stance on an issue and voice your opinion. We have journalists and such to keep the government in check, but a protest shows that people are aware and are passionate about what they are voicing their opinions for. The point of a protest is to make a statement and express dissaproval on something that is meaningful or you think needs to be adressed, debated about and so on. Sometimes protests go unntoticed, so extreme and sometimes radical measures need to be taken place in order for more attention to be drawn upon the issue. The recent protest on the Gardiner Expressway only proved that the Tamil people will go through any lengths to disrupt the status quo and make a statement. Even though it wasa peaceful protest, and while protesting on the Gardiner expressway was quite drastic I think it was very foolish and irresponsible for adults to bring their children. The logic was probably if we bring our children, they probably won't violently remove us from the highway. But, putting your children in danger while occupying a public highway is the wrong way to protest. I understand the immense amount of civilian causalities that are taking place in Sri Lanka, but one needs to protect themselves here instead of put themselves in danger. In addition, I understand that their intentions are good but let us remember that the Tamil Tigers is a recognized terrorist organization. I hear of protesters condemning Prime Minister Harper, and saying that he is not doing enough. But it all truthfulness, there is nothing that him or the Canadian government can do. It is not the Canadian government responsibility to deal with these kinds of affairs. That is the way international politics works. The Canadian government does not have that kind of authority, and even if they have a responsible to protect these innocent civilians, meddling in other countries sovereignty becomes a very slippery slope. The international community is well aware of what is going on, and I agree something should be done. But it is very difficult to sort this issue out, most especially if both sides inherently have their own interest and are unwilling to negotiate peace.

I feel like this such an important issue to be aware about, and it is just as important to call out what is relevant and to point out what is not there.Has anyone noticed there is not alot of newspaper reports or photos of the carnage? Isn't it strange? Well I can tell you there is an absence of coverage because journalist are not allowed in this area which allows for information to be filtered through claims and counter claims. We truly do not know what is going on over there first hand. There are so many allegations its very hard to see what is relevant and what is not.
Right now reports say, there is about 50,000 civillians trapped in an area in Northern Sri Lanka, who are being held hostage by the Tamil Tigers. The civillians will be shot down by the Tamil Tigers if they try to escape and in addition the civilians are being used as 'human shields' from incoming conflict by the Sri Lankan government. Regardless, there is no one side that is correct. Both sides should be charged of war crimes because of the kind of tactics that are being imposed on one another......this is such a contested issue..which will take many more years to be resolved if ever...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Back On Point

So I've been gone for a quick minute due to school and getting myself organized after moving back home for the summer. I just last minute decided to take a Political Science class which specifically deals with International Relations. At first I was super pumped but now I'm a little nervous because I have to participate like crazy. Participating and talking during lecture is not my forte. But it is a big component of my mark. I'm more of a reflective thinker who likes to think carefully of what I'm saying. Hence, I like writing and being very thoughtful before I speak out. It's very hard for me to articulate when I speak infront of a group of people. I guess I'll need to practice and get used to it....