Wednesday, October 28, 2009

O.U.C.H 2009

If you've heard of O.U.C.H, you'll know how ridiculously exciting this dance competition is becoming!!
O.U.C.H stands for Ontario University Competition for Hip Hop, which showcases university hip hop teams from all over Ontario. I'm a little bias, but McMaster's University's team is so incredibly talented and entertaining! They hold try outs every year, so they hand pick the best of the best!
Since we won last year, and the year before, and...I've lost count... we have the privilege of once again hosting this event! This hip-hop competition started off really small and I think it's starting to gain some momentum. It just keeps getting better year after year! I'm so pumped for it! :) It's like Americas Best Dance Crew....well...not exactly...but close enough !

Date: November 21, 2009
Where: McMaster University-Hamilton
Time: 7:00

Definitely Come to Steel City, you won't be disappointed! This is probably one of my favorite events of the school year!


Two weeks ago a couple friends and I went to see the Sound of Music at the Princess of Wales Theatre in T.O!
Its such a refreshing musical to see with your friends, family, and kids. . Now, if you've watched the Sound of Music, you'll know its quite easy to pick up the lyrics to the songs and sing along. Just like I did all night..and I never sing. The music, the set, the singers and the actors were amazing! A tremendous amount of effort was put in the set, which was incredible. I'm not exaggerating, this set was unbelievable. The children in the musical were absolutely adorable. I was either smiling or laughing the whole time.

If you're a student, YOU NEED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS GREAT DEAL! You can buy tickets 2 hours before the show for a mere $25. Honestly, the price of the tickets at regular place, where we sat, were probably at least $80 to $100. Even if your not a student, I know times are tough but everyone needs some culture in their lives! Take in a show, an art exhibition, a play or musical because great conversations revolve from what you are able to see and experience! So perhaps, start saving your money instead of going out for dinner or buying that drink you don' t need and splurge one night on dinner and a show! Christmas is coming and tickets to the Nutcracker is a must! long farewell

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

So What do you think of 'naked' Scanners???

At Manchester's airport in England they are testing to see if an electromagnetic scanner is worthwhile to use during security checks. Officials ensure the images will be deleted soon after. YA RIGHT! The government has gone completely mad. However where do we cross the line? In one sense this might be an efficient way of going through security checks since we know what a hassile it can be. On the other hand this is such an abuse of power. I already feel violated enough already going through the security checks.

To check the actual article by the BBC CLICK HERE

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Huge Surprise

I, like most of the world was completely shocked when it was announced President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. It is such a great honor but I mean seriously? I am huge supporter, don't get me wrong. But I think it's a little soon for him to getting such a prestigious award. He's only been in office for 10 months and of course we all know he is working very hard to try to gain much needed exposure to the most important things OUR generation has to worry about such as climate change, the economy, nuclear wars, clash of religions and many more.
However, doesn't it seem that he is being awarded for something he hasn't actually accomplished yet. Isn't it a little premature? It's like a scientist getting an award for an experiment he hasn't completed yet!
In any case, I congratulate him because he is definitely on the right track, and even though he hasn't done anything that we can materialize yet , Obama continues to offer the change our generation wants to see in the world.