Friday, May 15, 2009

Off to Italy

I recently booked a round trip air fare to ROME!! In my mind, it was a goal of mine for the summer. I literally walked passed the travel agency, did a double take, inquired about airfare and when the price was right I pulled out my Visa and SWIPE!! I'll be leaving the end of June and I'll be staying for almost three weeks! It's a long time but it was the only flight I could get which was inexpensive. My airfare budget was less than $1000. And I was lucky to find one for $800 and then I also bought travel insurance for $50. I love to travel and this is one of the first times I'll get to travel by myself in a foreign country. In the past I have travelled with my parents, school mates and friends. But this time it'll be me on my own, living in Italy for three weeks with relatives. I'm so grateful that I don't need to stay at a hotel. It would have cost me so much money and this way, I can save money on meals and hopefully learn the language a little bit. My relatives who I am staying with, do not speak English well, so hopefully while I am there I can help them improve and they can teach me a little Italian. Who knows maybe I'll come back again and teach English ;)

Italy has many ancient sites, great monuments and breathtaking and magnificent architecture. Traveling to a different country is such an amazing opportunity, and I truly want to experience the historical sites of the world. For example: Rome is home to St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican City and ancient catacombs of Rome. Due to my love for culture and politics, it would be a great opportunity to experience and marvel at a place where many philosophers, writers and politicians openly expressed great ideas, which are still discussed and debated in our modern society. In addition, I'm hoping to visit Naples, Pompeii and most importantly the Island of Capri for some r and r. If anyone has any suggestions about my upcoming travel let me know ;) I think the most important thing for me right now is to resist the temptation of buying things and save in order for me to spend money in Italy :)

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