Friday, July 3, 2009

Fighting for fundamental rights

If you have been following the news since mid-June you are probablly well aware of the voting scandal which has rocked havoc in Iran. IF not, click here, for an interactive time line crafted by the New York Times describing the contentious issue. This one election could have potentially changed Iran's civil society toward a more liberalized nation, only to find itself in complete turmoil as massive numbers of people protest against the outcome of the current elections.

There are many Iranians, especially the younger generation, who not only disagree with the outcome of the election but are disillusioned by the highly conservative regime. They are outraged with the lack of freedom within their society, lack of connection with the outside world and refuse to continue with the current mandates which infringe on their rights as individual human beings. These individuals have come out in numbers protesting their government, as they continue to exercise what they believe should be considered fundamental rights and freedoms. However, the reining power that holds in Iran deems these actions as unacceptable and will go through any measures to halt these massive protests. And that includes violence. This violence has cost the lives of many, and especially Nida, a peaceful activist who in particular made headlines world wide.

New York Times Interactive Time Line

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