Sunday, December 6, 2009

Well articulated answer...

So I actually LOVE the view. (Don't Judge) Whenever I get a chance to watch it, I find it incredibly entertaining. The comfortable setting that allows these women to speak their minds and express opinions is necessary when encouraging friendly debate. What makes this such a great show is that the women on the view have different experiences, which inevitably makes an impact on their opinions. Most of the things they talk about may be considered frivolous but when they do talk about real issues such as gay marriage it is worthy to tune in. ACTUALLY, I'm lying it's ALWAYS WORTHY TO TUNE IN.
Most of the time,I feel as if WHOOPI speaks the truth. Whereas Elizabeth...most of the time I just want her to shut her mouth. But as hypocritical as I may be, I actually appreciate her comments. It's healthy to have disagreements. We can't all agree on the same things or else our society wouldn't progress.

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