Monday, March 2, 2009

Shame on him!

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I can't believe something like this happened... This is a clearly wrong on all levels. I'm sure this is not the first teenager or person this officer has assaulted. I mean..this is such an abuse of power. I understand that it is wrong to assault an officer..but i mean...this girl is only a teenager. Did he really have to go beat her like that? Did he really think she posed a danger to him? Of course not. He did it because he knew he could, and he probably didn't think he was going to get caught. This kind of behavior probably happends all the time. His reaction to a little attitude was totally uncalled for. Police officers should be firm but patient. His aggressive reaction toward the teenager made me afraid of the kind of people the police academy is hiring. Thankfully, this was in the U.S but anything is possible, even in Canada. This is unacceptable behavior and even though there are many loop holes this officer will go through in the system to be found not guilty, I hope this will not be the case. He needs to be found guilty of his actions. The justice system needs to send a message to condemn this behavior. This should not be tolerated.
This cop could probably use a couple years in prison, to see how its like. Hopefully he'll learn from this experience. ughh.

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